STIL Design VS a Large Box Store

Swedish meatballs, the band ABBA and the beloved large Swedish Box Store. Swedish people have truly provided us with some amazing things. Who doesn’t love strolling through the halls of the large Box Store looking at all the pretty sofa beds, kitchen set ups and innovative kids’ bedrooms. But when it comes to custom storage solutions, are they always the go to solution? That’s completely up to you as a buyer but the following may help with your decision making. Reason #1: Lifetime Warranty on all storage solutions Depending on what you are purchasing from the large Box Store, there are varying warranties. At STIL Design we are proud to offer our customers a limited lifetime warranty on all storage solutions. This means that if you are using your closet with its intended purpose and something breaks, give us a call and we are more than happy to work with you to alleviate the issue regardless of how long ago your system was installed. Our product is designed, produced and installed to last and that is our promise to our customers. Reason #2: Our materials are sturdy, reliable all while looking great. You get what you pay for folks! STIL…
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