We want to help you make the most practical use of your space, whether it’s a garage, a mudroom or a laundry room.


Imagine a space in your home where there’s a sensible place for everything you own: from tools, hardware and auto accessories, to cleaning products, sports equipment and gardening gear. STIL Design wants to help you create the utility space of your dreams with cabinets, accessories and wall storage. You name it and we’ll not only adapt it to fit your garage and style, but we’ll customize it to ensure that it fits your space.


Getting in and out of the house can often be chaotic, especially for a busy family. Making a quick getaway is impossible when you have everyone looking for their shoes, coats, etc. STIL Design can build and customize a mudroom to suit your needs. Now everything can be conveniently stored. Just grab it and go!


We want to create a laundry space that fits the beauty of the rest of your home and that will inspire you to complete your household chores. Your new laundry room will have all the storage and cabinets you need to keep your home organized.