Whether you want to work from home, relax in front of the TV or host a guest, your personal space should be a reflection of who you are. Check out our custom solutions and let us personalize your space according to your style.


Making the most efficient use of your space can be tricky. Wall Beds are a great way to accommodate out of town guests without sacrificing your office space. With a regular mattress they are a far more comfortable alternative to a sofa bed. We will customize them to accommodate your storage needs with extra shelving, desks or side cabinets. Let the STIL Design team transform your space so it can cater to all of your needs.


You deserve a home office that works for you, that’s designed to not only suit your specific needs, but your specific tastes as well. Our designers are committed to turning your home office into a space that will motivate you to get your work done whatever that work may be.


You’re worthy of an entertainment unit that will turn your room into a true haven of relaxation. Our units are custom built to your room so you no longer have to worry about messy cables and wasted space. With a Stil Design custom entertainment unit installed in your home you can truly begin to relax!