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Heritage maple garage

Driftwood garage

Cocoa garage cabinets

The man cave garage

Garage cabinets with ORG wall

The ultimate garage

Luxury garage

Garage cabinets with ORG wall

Garage cabinets with ORG wall

Garage cabinets with ORG wall

Imagine a high-performance garage where there’s a sensible place for everything: from tools, hardware and auto accessories, to cleaning products, sports equipment and gardening gear. Thanks to knowledgeable consultants and the right mix of products, STIL Design will transform your garage into a convenient, bright and ergonomic space that will make your neighbors green with envy!



STIL Design offers a range of unique flooring options, which are perfectly adapted to have the strength and resistance you need. Our job is to provide you with heavy-duty flooring that is dirt-resistant, shock-resistant, and fits the dimensions of your space.



Free up your space with our comprehensive range of shelves, racks and storage systems that are custom-built to fit your garage. Safe, secure, and easy to access – you’ll wonder what you ever did before!


Wall Storage

Our unique wall panels make garage storage simple. They are custom-made to fit every corner of your room. Our professional designers can suggest a variety of hanging baskets, hooks, and tool holders to keep everything within reach. Your workbench has never been this efficient!



Our spacious cabinets are deep enough for large coolers or even trashcans. Upon your request, we can create the perfect piece of furniture to hold anything from sports gear to gardening tools. Choose from a variety of sleek surfaces in standard and wood-grain finishes. Get more out of your workbench, mudroom locker, or shelf space with ORG products or custom solutions designed around your needs.